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Solar, whats your angle?

A client requested a consultation recently. He was building an out of state vacation home and it was time for solar. He had several quotes in hand for fixed panel roof mounted PV systems that were confusing. It seems these days every one needs a gimmick to sell their solar systems. Special panels, racks, etc. […]


Life Above The Clouds

Once or twice a year we get this effect. Weather conditions push the clouds down below our level. Livingston is down there somewhere socked in. I know its just water vapor but it feels like being on the ocean. The Bear Tooth Plateau, the largest expanse of land above 10,000 ft in the continental U.S.A. […]


Local Sunday Brunch

Its the Sunday after Christmas. Michele’s at her Moms. There’s a raging blizzard right outside the windows. No sun for two day but the batteries are full from the wind generator cranking full out for hours. Bare ground in the outdoor garden a week ago has been replaced by three feet of snow. Moving around […]