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The Handbook For Humans

There is no a handbook for growing up and old that I know of yet. There are so many things they just don’t tell you. Things that will predictably happen as you age. One thing I just learned about is Sarcopenia. From the time you are born to around the time you turn 30, your […]

Small Garden? High Calorie Root Crops may help.

When following the Gro-biointensive guidelines it is recommended that 30% of the growing space be devoted to high calorie root crops. These 7 plants have been studied intensively and provide the most calories per square foot of anything you can grow! Even at 7300′ we have successfully grown them all outside except sweet potatoes. They are: […]

Dead Trees?

Well, 6 out of 12 apple trees are alive. The other 6 are still alive, only the root stock. I will monitor them and see if they will make a tree someday. Then I can chip bud some good apple branches onto them. Here you can see how the main trunk is dead, but they […]