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Home Made Bedding

Believe it or not we even make the bedding for the nesting boxes for the chickens. Beautiful, fresh, sweet smelling wood shavings come from our planer. Every time we process wood to use in the house I carefully sweep up the shavings. Sometimes we run out and I use dried grasses , or spent hay […]

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Chicken Coop/Greenhouse

“We have a new greenhouse”, say the little red hens! A chicken coop sharing a common wall with the greenhouse. Not a new idea, but new to our neck of the woods. Windows in the shared wall allow air to flow. Warm BTU’s from the chickens at night, sun warmed air from the greenhouse to […]


Solar, whats your angle?

A client requested a consultation recently. He was building an out of state vacation home and it was time for solar. He had several quotes in hand for fixed panel roof mounted PV systems that were confusing. It seems these days every one needs a gimmick to sell their solar systems. Special panels, racks, etc. […]