Chicken Coop/Greenhouse

“We have a new greenhouse”, say the little red hens! A chicken coop sharing a common wall with the greenhouse. Not a new idea, but new to our neck of the001 (2) woods. Windows in the shared wall allow air to flow. Warm BTU’s from the chickens at night, sun warmed air from the greenhouse to the chickens during the day. It makes for a cozy situation.059

A 4′ deep mini basement below the chickens is another heat sink. Trap doors in the floor allow the old woman to “scoop the poop” right inside the coop, instead of hauling heavy 5 gallon buckets through hip deep snow out to the compost, YEAH. Inoculating the basement with worms makes the poop into compost faster and makes for a tasty treat for the girls in the middle of winter when insects are scarce. 057

When temps drop and stay dropped the girls can have the run of the greenhouse. Makes for great dust baths and lot of sunbathing. Happy chickens make for some tasty eggs too.019