Earth Wind And Fire

Empowering the change in southwest Montana

For a decade and a half the Earth Wind and Fire Sustainable Research Center has been our home. The first off grid solar and wind system we designed and installed was used to build our raw piece of land into a working homestead. It still powers the research center today. This off grid homestead provides for our food and energy needs year round. Solar and wind power our home, shop and offices. Multiple gardening practices provide our food needs with no outside inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides.  The Research Center Consists of 2200 sf of living space with a 250 sf year round interior garden, 1300 sf bio-intensive research garden and 380 sf greenhouse with attached chicken coop.

We have taken control of our power and food supply and are determined to help others do the same.

Our mission is to aid others in their work for clean air, water and food through energy independence and local food production. We aim to accomplish this through training, support, service and sales.  Our low overhead business model allows us to provide you with unbeatable value, backed by years of real life experience. It is our privilege to support ourselves while helping others move toward a more sustainable future.

Our trips to the grocery store are rare and the items we purchase there are few.  All work at the homestead has been done with our own two hands and the hands of friends we plied with food and beverages. Much of the work is intended to showcase what can be done with reclaimed, recycled and local materials on a limited budget.

Earth Wind and fire was founded by Chris and Michele Evans